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Lena Bell Humphries Memoir


Humphries: Lena bell, daughter of Oliver & Ruthie A. Humphries, was born May 7, 1892, & died at 4:30 P.M. Oct. 12, 1907. She leaves Father & Mother, one sister Ida R., two brothers, Parish & Lawrence.

Lena Bell was the youngest. She was converted July 7, 1905, in a meeting conducted by Rev. J.B. Harris, and united with the Methodist Episcopal Church Covington, Va. The following October.

In Sept. 1907, during the progress of a meeting conducted by Rev. W.H. Hudgins, in her home one day, while she was singing one of her favorite songs, she received a great blessing from the Lord, there was such a great change which came over her that the Father & Mother often referred to it as something unusual. The Mother feared that her stay would not be long, and that this peculiar change meant a final preparation for her eternal home on high.

The neighbors also noticed this great change and often made reference to it. She was gentle as a lamb, patient and kind to all. She always had reverence for ministers and would greet them with a smile and say Bro. etc. She was constant at Church and Sunday-School whenever she was able, and she was always willing to work in either department, singing and assisting at the organ, collecting money for the Sunday-School, Church, Christmas tree, or foreign mission work. And in this she was always successful. A little Bible presented to her as a prize for collecting money, was her constant companion, especially at Church, and she became so much attached to it that it was placed in her hands when she was laid away to rest.

During the past summer the Pastor offered a prize, consisting of one set of “Hill’s Practical Reference Library” list price ($16.50), to the Sunday school scholar who would collect the largest amount for foreign missions, just a few days before she died, the prize was awarded to her.

Little did we then realize that she was performing her last acts of service to the Church and Sunday School.

“It needs not that love’s gift be great –

Come splendid jewel of the soul

For which a king might supplicate.

Nay! True love’s least, at love’s true rate,

Is tithe most royal of the whole.”

Lena Bell was afflicted with epilepsy from the age of six until she passed away. The last eighteen months were spent in great suffering. The Monday night before she died, she had seven Epileptic fits. On the following night while her mother was sick in bed she sang for about one hour the songs she loved so well: the last song that she ever sung was “My soul has found something that’s new,” after which she lay down and had ten convulsions in succession. Then on Wednesday night she had nineteen more, Thursday night she had twenty-eight, Friday night, from 9:00 P.M. till Saturday 4:30 P.M. she had about two hundred. Saturday morning she awoke and said mama? Give me some water. She drank the water, and took her medicine and never spoke again.

She did not seem to realize that the end was so near. Lena bell was a lover of  music, thus making the home bright and cheerful. Her favorite books were the Bible and her hymnbook. She was never known to sing a worldly song. Her desire did not seem to run in that direction.

Her favorite songs were:

“He took my sins away.”    “I’ve been redeemed.”

“My soul has found something that’s new. My soul has been born anew.”

“I would not be denied.”   “I cannot tell just how twill be; Just know He will appear unto me.”

“If you love your mother, meet her in the skies.”

The funeral services were conducted by her Pastor, Rev. W.S. Brown, in the First Methodist Episcopal Church. There was an unusually large and sympathetic congregation.

The members of the Sunday School furnished a very beautiful presentation of flowers in token of their loving affection and sympathy. Her pall bearers were her friends and Sunday School associates.


Miss Lulu Heironimns.     Miss Annie Long.

Miss Hannah Whisman.     Miss Clare Reyns.

Miss Ada Lewis.     Miss Bessie Long.

Miss Minnie Keller.     Miss Lucy Herndon.

Miss Maggie Lewis.     Miss Cora Duncan.


After the close of the service her remains were taken to the Rich Patch, and laid away to rest in the family burial ground, there to await the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ whom she loved and served.



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