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LVA Titled Files: Survey Report, Jamison-Simmons cemetery:

                  1937 June 4

                  Research made by Robert Stover

Cemetery Location:  13 miles southwest of Covington, Virginia, Route #60, Route #18, Route #619, Route #616, Route #618.  When leaving Route #616 in Upper Richpatch, turn south on Route #618, go 1 mile to  Geo. Simmons on the south of the road.  Cemetery lies on a high hill to the southeast of his house.

                    Alleghany County



The cemetery is situated on a high hill on the north side of Richpatch or Big

Mountain.  An open and magnificent view of historic Nichols Knob and the Upper Richpatch Valley may be seen from the cemetery hill.  The burial ground is both free and public, being the largest in the Richpatch.  It is in fair condition on the interior except for fallen grave markers.  New fence posts and wire are now being erected around the ground which has an area of an acre or more with approximately 300 graves.



This graveyard was first known by the name of Hazel or Hayslett, since a family of this name at one time lived at the foot of the cemetery hill.  It later became known as the Jamison and Simmons Cemetery.  The Simmons were among the early settlers in the Richpatch, Ephraim Simmons being one of the most prominent of this particular family.  It is unknown whether he is buried or not but in all probability he was.

1788 Philip Simmons married Catherine Carter

1791 Christopher Simmons married Catherine Emmons

1792 Adam Simmons married Sukey Crider, daughter of Jacob Crider

1799 Andrew Simmons married Rosamind Coon, daughter of Jacob Coon

1837 Ephraim Simmons, Jr. married Susan Bush

1841 Ephraim Simmons married Sarah Stull


Mr. and Mrs. Jonas Simmons state that Ephraim Simmons, Jr. immigrated to West Virginia, being one of this family that participated in the formation of that State.  They also state that Ephraim Simmons had the following sisters, Mrs. Eunice Humphries b. 1806; Harriet Byer, wife of Samuel Byer; Mrs. Nancy Humphries and a brother, Hugh Simmons.  Mr. Jonas Simmons states that his grandfather, William Madison Simmons, who was killed in the War Between the States, was a brother to Ephraim Simmons.

1839 – Appraisement of personal property of Ephraim Simmons, deceased, was approximately $877.50.  The following people bought goods at his sale: Rutha Simmons, William Simmons, Hugh Simmons, Samuel and Joseph Ervine, Henry Quickle, Mary Ann Simmons, Sampson and Isaac Wolfe, William and Jesse Humphries.  Will Book 2, p. 45


The Quickles lived approximately .5 mile to the northwest of the graveyard. They were ingenious people with brilliant minds.  They intermarried with the Hooks.

1844 – Henry Quickle’s will, “to my wife, Peggie (Simmons) the land and plantation where I now live for term of fifteen years after my death for the purpose of rearing my children.  (2) to my wife, Pegge, one loom and utensials.

(3) my executor, Lee Persinger, sell my undivided interest in real estate of Eph. Simmons and the proceeds distributed between my wife and children.”  Will Book 2, page 214


Mr. George M. Jamison, who is buried here with his wife and children, was a

Brethren Minister.  He lived on the tract of land whereupon the said cemetery is located.  He was a thrifty farmer, a notable citizen and a man of high character and intelligence.  George Jamison’s mother married a Quickle the second time.  Many of the early and permanent settlers in the Upper Richpatch are buried here, such as Samuel Redman, Samuel Byer, Sampson Wolfe, Jessee Humphries and their children.  The Fridleys, Sampson and wife, Charlotte, lived under Nichols Knob at one time. 

With tombstones: 

George M. Jamison
b. Dec. 1, 1836
d. Oct. 23, 1894


Mary E.
Wife of Geo. M. Jamison
b. July 21, 1834
d. Apr. 9, 1897


H.R.J. Simmons 
b. Sept. 30, 1850
d. Apr. 18, 1906


Charles O. Persinger
d. Oct. 1, 1912
age about 75 yrs.


Amanda C. Persinger
(wife of Charles O.)
d. Mar. 19, 1921
age 84 yrs. 1 mo. 6 da.


Charles H. Redman
b. July 22, 1852
d. July 23, 1915
(a farmer & brother to Samuel Redman)


H.C. Byer
b. June 5, 1854
d. Jan. 18, 1926
(a good citizen, son of Samuel & Harriet Byer)


John Persinger
b. Aug. 23, 1842
d. Mar. 22, 1925
We will join in the heavenly land never more to take the parting hand


Harriet Elizabeth Persinger
(wife of Jno. Persinger)
b. Sept. 24, 1844
d. Oct. 13, 1931

Having served her generation, she now sweetly rests


William E. Byer
b. Apr. 26, 1840
d. May 19, 1912
(son of Sam. Byer)

Our father from us is gone,
A voice we loved is stilled,
A place is vacant in our home
Which never can be filled


Lucinda A.
wife of W.E. Byer
b. July 3, 1838
d. May 30, 1899
(daughter of Sam. Bush)

Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal


Jacob Tingler
4th Va. Militia
War of 1812
b. 1771
d. Apr. 4, 1868


James H. Humphries
b. Dec. 28, 1853
d. Oct. 8, 1863


Sarah J. Humphries
b. Sept. 13, 1856
d. Sept. 21, 1863

Asleep in Jesus

Children of Charles L. and Rebecca B. Humphries

Infant daughter
d. Jan. 13, 1855
of Charles L. and Rebecca Humphries


Jessie Humphries
b. Mar. 7, 1800
d. Aug. 11, 1873

Sampson Fridley
b. Feb. 5, 1848
d. Nov. 12, 1917
age 68


Charlotte Ann Fridley
b. Dec. 29, 1847
d. Nov. 3, 1831
(wife of Sampson Fridley)


In Loving Memory of our dear Mother

Martha J. Humphries
b. Oct. 2, 1837
d. Feb. 19, 1924

Fell asleep in Jesus

(a daughter of Sam. Byer and wife of Davis M. Humphries)


Davis M. Humphries
b. July 29, 1842
d. Oct. 2, 1918

(son of Wm. Humphries)


Mary J.
wife of Harvey Humphries
b. Jan. 22, 1836
d. Nov. 24, 1867
Her end was Peace

(a Quickle, 1st wife of Harve Humphries)


William C.
son of L.S. & S.E. Humphries
b. Oct. 21, 1855
d. June 5, 1862



Graves with hand hewed grave markers with inscriptions:



Henry Quickle

d. Dec. 1791

age 89



Martha Quickle

d. July 31, 1842

(an elderly woman)



Memory of

William M. Quickle

d. July 31, 1861

age 19 yrs. 4 mo. & 7 da.




d. 1842

(probably a Simmons)




(William Manspile)

d. 1872

approx. age 25

(The 1st husband of Miss Emma Wolfe, who later married an Arrington)



George Cowpers


b. Nov. 23, 1844

d. Mar. 4, 1853



Henry A. Wolf

d. Oct. 18, 1848



Sampson Wolf

d. Oct. 28, 1848

age 41 yrs. 4 mos. & 8 da.



Elizabeth Wolf

d. Mar. 16, 1845

age 42 yrs. 11 mo & 11 da.



William Humphries

d. Aug. 27, 1859

age 19 yr. 4 mo. & 4 da.



John Humphries

d. Aug. 25, 1859

age 32 yrs. 2 mo. & 13 da.



Memory of Oliver Humphries

d. July 8, 1849

age 22 yrs. 11 mo. & 12 da.


(all three of the above were sons of William Humphries)



Memory of

James Harmon Humphries

d. Oct. 8, 1868

age 9 yr. 11 da.



George H.E. Humphries

d. Feb. 10, 1811

age 1 yr. 6 mo.



Memory of

Rutha M. Humphries

d. Apr. 11, 1860

age 20 yrs. 2 mo. & 20 da.



Rutha A. Humphries

d. July 24, 1864

age 20 yr. 4 mo. & 25 da.


(both daughters of Wm. Humphries)



_____ Humphries

b. Sept. 13, 1856

d. Sept. 27, 1863



Amma P. Wolfe

(nothing more written)



Margaret Tingler

d. July 4, 1859

(a girl in her teens)



Whitfield Evans

d. Mar. 3, 1847



William H. King

d. May 24, 1853

age 4 yrs. 10 mo. & 14 da.



Memoir of

Miss Sophronia M. Jamison

d. Aug. 25, 1869

age 14 yr. 8 mo. 25 da.



Memoir of

George Lee Jamison

d. Apr. 6, 1881

age 22 yrs.








Mr. and Mrs. Jonas Simmons

Mr. and Mrs. George Simmons

Mrs. Rosa Fridley

Mr. Grant Humphries

Mr. and Mrs. O.L. Humphries





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