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Allen Byrd Humphries Sr. & Ida Estelle Humphries

Ida Estelle Humphries (February 1880 - February 1947)
Father: Oliver Green Humphries (1859 - 1921)

Mother: Ruthie Anne Humphries (1861 - 1928)

Married: Allen Byrd Humphries Sr. (1876 - 1938)


Viola A. Humphries (1898 - 1988) 
Lelia M. Humphries (1900 - 1977)
Albert Leon Humphries (1902 - 1978)
Teddy Arthur Humphries Sr. (1906 - 1977)
Edre Inez Humphries (1908 - 1987)
Oliver Smith Humphries (1910 - 1979)
Lena Blanche Humphries (1914 - 1914)
Allen Byrd Humphries Jr. (1925 - 1992)

Allen Byrd Humphries Sr. (March 1876 - February 1938)
Father: Logan Smith Humphries (1830 - 1893)

Mother: Sarah Elizabeth Matheney (1840 - 1929)

Byrd was quite an entrepreneur. He ran a sawmill, cutting cross-ties for the railroad being built through the Potts Creek area. He also had a stavemill and a canning factory where they canned tomatoes and other vegetables. He later ran a dairy farm, which was called "Blue Grass Dairy" and delivered milk to customers in Covington. He also ran a country store which carried clothing and shoes, groceries, and yard goods which sold for as little as 6 cents/yard. There was kerosene, nails, horseshoes, hardware, and of course the one item no country store would be complete without, candy. There was a big bell which the customers rang in case no one was in the store which was located about 100 feet from Byrd's house. The dirt road bed, cut down by the steady wagon, buggy and horseback traffic of patrons, is still visible to this day cutting across the valley through pasture fields.
Byrd had the only car in Rich Patch, first a Model T Ford and then a Whippet. He basically operated the first and only taxi service ever to serve Rich Patch, picking up extra cash driving people to Covington.
Byrd and Ida attended the Jamestown Exposition in 1907. Among the souveniers which they brought home for the children were ruby red mugs trimmed in gold with the date of the Exposition and the childrens initials. At least two of these mugs are still in the possesion of Byrd's grandchildren.
In 1918, Byrd bought the Sively Farm which was located in the Indian Valley area. In 1928, when the Industrial Rayon plant came to Covington, he sold them the land where the Rayon Dam is located.

Source: Bob's Family Genealogy

Descendants of Allen Byrd and Ida Estelle Humphries

by Howard V. Humphries

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